Digitizing Your Paper Photos


Digitizing Your Paper Photos

Many of you must be having a huge collection of old paper photographs stacked in the corner of your closets. It is time you digitize and organize these photos before they completely degrade and you end up losing all your memories.
Digitizing your wedding or anniversary photos can bring back the luster to those fond memories. The first step into transitioning your old paper photos into the present digital technology is to scan the pictures. Remember that it is very important to select the right scanner for scanning the pictures, as the clarity of the digitized image depends on it.

The flatbed scanner is the most effective in scanning your old photos into the digital form. A few tips to keep in mind while scanning your photographs is ensuring that the scanner bed is clean before scanning, remove any dust from your paper photos and select the appropriate file format and resolution as per your requirement. Saving your image in the JPEG format can cause loss of photo quality during compression. Hence, it is advisable to save the image in the TIFF format as its basis is on lossless compression. In case you have to scan negatives, consider using a film scanner for scanning.


Once your image is digitized, software is available that can help you edit the pictures to reverse the aging and degraded quality of the images. Photoshop is an amazing photo editing program that can help you edit the photos. Using the software, you can adjust the background color, the contrast of the image and correct any blemishes on the original image like watermarks, red eyes, and creases. The program also allows you to crop unwanted portions of the image. PhotoGallery is yet another photo editing program that you can use.
You can digitize the wedding and anniversary photos of your parents along with other family photos, create a slideshow of all the memories and present it to your parents as a gift. Surely, it will be a gift that they will cherish.

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