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A Special Gift For Your Boyfriend
You will want give your boyfriend a gift to celebrate his birthday, Valentine’s Day, the anniversary of your first date and for any occasion where you just want him to know how special he is to you and how much you appreciate him being part of your life. It is very important to express your feelings to him as the time flies and suddenly you’ll realize that your 50th wedding anniversary is coming and you’ll need a special gift for him for that special occasion. It may feel a bit daunting to know what gift to give to him, but with a little thought you will get him a gift he’ll appreciate. Here are some ideas to help:

Make this a present that shows you’ve put in some thought. Think of your inside jokes. Is there anything you can get that will remind him of the inside joke that you share? If you’ve only known your boyfriend a short time, consider if you can link your gift to one of his interests or hobbies. Is he a big football fan? Does he like to listen or play music? Does he go to the gym? Tickets to a game, the latest album from his favorite band or new guitar picks if he’s a guitar player or a new piece of gym kit could be answers for those three questions.

Another suggestion is to think of a time when he talked passionately about a topic or maybe there’s a shop window he can never walk past without looking in. If you can, buy the item he singles out or go into the store at a later date without him and ask for suggestions. Listen to what he says as he may drop hints about what he would like. If he’s frustrated that something he owns has worn out or is out of date, surprise him with an upgrade. Does he have a favorite food, movie, music genre or actor? Get creative with your ideas.

Go with his style

Most guys have brands they like whether it be Pepsi or Coke, one football team or another. There may be brands he aspires to, but wouldn’t justify buying for himself. He may have a headset that came with his smart-phone that you could upgrade to a wireless headset, headphones that have a noise-cancelling function or waterproof ear-buds for when he’s out running.

If he loves his clothes consider his style and favorite color and pick out something that he’ll remember you by each time he wears it. If you’re not confident about making a choice, give him a gift coupon and make a date to go shopping with him so he can make his own choice. Add a romantic picnic in the park or a lunch date and you’ll have a fun day out together.

You can surprise your guy with a new gym bag if his is worn out. Or perhaps a new piece of luggage that he can use for a romantic weekend away or a longer vacation that you can plan for the future. If you don’t live together, a perfect gift is an overnight bag to give him the hint that he’s welcome to stay at yours.

Food glorious food

Food may seem an easy way out, but instead of buying him a box of chocolates, bake him some cookies or home-made chocolate truffles. He will appreciate the thought and the effort you have made to show how much you care for him. Surprise him with a romantic candle-lit dinner at his favourite restaurant or at home. Cook the meal yourself or order a take-out. Get his favorite wine or micro-beer. If the weather is fine, prepare a picnic basket and have a romantic time at the local park or beauty spot. Another gift idea for the foodie is a subscription for a monthly delivery of his favorite food like pies, cakes or cheeses for a gift that keeps on giving.

Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are always a favorite between couples. Print some photographs of you both from your smart-phone and create a collage of the fun times you’ve spent together. If he hasn’t any display space, get him a digital photo frame with a dozen of the best photos of you both. If you’ve a particular favourite photograph of you both, put this in a frame with your names engraved on it with the name of the location and the date.

If he enjoys a beer, buy him a set of beer glasses engraved with his name and a witty quote such as “In heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here” Combine this with a DVD marathon and a gift hamper of all his favorite snacks of salsa, chips, nuts and whatever else he likes. This is a great gift for you to share, or for him to take some time out for himself when he likes.

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